After being tattooed leave on your clear wrap for aprox 1 hour. Once you remove the wrap gently wash or shower your new tattoo with warm soapy water and then rinse it with cold water - this will close the pores whilst your tattoo is nice and clean, helping to prevent the risk of infection.


After washing we advise that you re-wrap your tattoo in CLEAN cling film and leave it for aprox 4 hours. The wrap should then be removed and the tattoo should be gently cleaned again/patted dry with a clean towel. This should be repeated for 2-3 days. By carrying out this process you are constantly washing away the cells that would normally form a scab.


When the clear plasma stops forming under the cling film you can stop wrapping your tattoo. It will then start to become slightly dry and begin to flake very thin layers of skin. This may be slightly itchy and a small amount of moisturiser can be applied once or twice a day to soothe any irritation.





Picking or scratching your new tattoo can pull out the ink and cause your tattoo to heal patchy. Swimming should be avoilded during the healing process as well as direct sunlight (for 4 weeks) and sunbeds (for 6 weeks).




To keep your tattoo looking bright and vibrant after healing remember to apply moisturiser on a regular basis.



Black and dark coloured inks will cause your tattoo to absorb sunlight much quicker than it normally would making it easier to burn if it is not looked after properly. A high factor suncream (factor 50) will help prevent this from happening - always remember to keep reapplying when necessary!


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